Our Services and Rates

With over 76 years combined hands on experience, the staff is committed to providing a safe, clean, friendly, enviornment for your pets while they are getting pampered and beautiful to come home to you.

We have groomed most breeds and specialize in small breeds such as Shih Tzu’s, Lhasas, Morkies, Maltese, Bichu’s, Poodles, Bichon Frise’, and almost any kind of designer breed known to man.

In our salon we have large breed groomers who work well with these sizes and who specializes in scissor work for Samoyeds, Standard Poodles, Airedales, Newfoundlands, Standard Schnausers, Bouviers, etc.

There is a trained bathing team that treats each pet individually for specific needs such as assessing wether a medicated shampoo is needed, skin and coat care, medicated shampooing, to flea and tick remedies.

We use Natural Flea and tick products and are very careful that our products are not harmful to your pet, our groomers, and the enviornment. We also offer advice on Pet nutrition and soon will be offering homeopathic, aroma, and bach remedies for natural treatments.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.


Bathing and Prepping

Small Dog $20
Medium Dog $30
Large Dog $40
Extra Large Dog $50
Cats $45
Add Nails, Ears Sani $15

For dogs with hair that needs to be trimmed during the process

Face, Feet, Tail – Small $35-$40
Face, Feet, Tail – Medium $45-$55
Face, Feet, Tail – Large $55-$75
Cat Full Service $45-$50


Haircutting Services

Small Dogs
(Maltese, Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Morkie,
Poodles, etc.
Medium Dogs
(Lhasas, Cockers, King Charles, etc)
Large Dogs
(Standard Poodles, Giant Scnauzers,
Rottweiler, German Shepard, etc.
Extra Large Dogs
(Royal Standards,
Bouviers Over 100 lbs.)


Add On Services

Walk In Nail Trims $10
Nail Trim Aggressive Dog $20
Nail Caps – Dogs $30
Nail Caps – Cat $35
Teeth Brushing $6
Oatmeal Shampoo $6
Flea & Tick $10
Zymox Medicated $15
Anal Sacs Expressed $15
Furminator $20-$30
2 Colors Ears/Tail $30
Glitter Stamp $10
Rhinestone $6
Rhinestone Toenails $25
Cat Brush Out (No Bath) $25
Mohawk $15
Mohawk with Color $25


Day Care & Boarding

Daysit – Small Dog $15
Daysit – Large Dog $20
Daysit – Cat $15
Overnight – Small Dog $20
Overnight – Large Dog $30
Overnight – Cat $20
At Home Overnight $40
Daily Food & Treats $6


Splash and Dash

Extra Small Dogs $39.95
Small Dogs $49.95
Medium Dogs $59.95
Large Dogs $69.95
Extra Large Dogs $79.95


Bandanas, Bows and Polish FREE
Price of dog grooming is based on breed, hairstyle, length and demeanor.



Breed of Cat Bath Haircut
Domestic Short hair Bath $50 $85
Domestic Med Hair Bath $55 $85
Domestic Long Hair $60 $85 and up


DSH-Domestic Short hair
DMH-Domestic Medium hair
DLH-Domestic Long hair

This service includes two shampoos with light massage. The first bath is a light cleanser for all skin types and prepares the skin and coat for the next treatment. Which could be tar and sulfur, medicated oatmeal and aloe, basic cleansing with fragrances plums, cherry lavender, etc. Also, deep skin penetrating shampoo and shampoo treatment for problem skin. We offer wonderful deshed systems (please see below).

Removing matting from the remaining coats of cats getting the popular “LION CUT” will result in additional charges set specifically by the groomer. You will be quoted at the time of drop off.



LION CUTS – Cats or Dogs

This service is a highly delicate piece of art to accomplish for any groomer on earth. If your cats needs tranquilizing we ask that you take responsibility for dispensing of any meds given to calm the nerves. Most and I mean 99% of our cats come in non medicated. They adapt after a few grooms if you are consistant and you enjoy a basically shedless life until it grows back.

Prices starting price at 50.00 for small dogs and starting at 85.00 for cats.


WALK-INS – Cutting, Trimmibg, Filing

Service Fee: $10 (In some very rare and unusual cases if your pet is vicious the fee may be up to $20)

We humanely cut and trim all cats and dog nails. We also file the front nails with an electric grinder to ensure a safety measure because fresh cut nails can be painful to the human as well as to car upholstery and furniture.



Facial scrubs *deep skin and coat treatments*

Paw treatments*hot oils treatments*essential oils*mud treatments.

Oatmeal, Ginger, soothing aromatherapy, flea and tick, hypoallergenic, tearless, natural and organic Deep skin exfoliating, cleansing, and remoisturizing, and detergentless for the sensitive and those on topical Insect Growth Regulators such as Frontline, Frontline Plus, Advantage, Advantix, etc.



Hair Cutting and Trimming

  • Show cuts (any breed)
  • Thinning out coats for managability
  • Partial trim ups
  • Full shaving
  • Short not shaved looks
  • Modified breed cuts
  • Hand scissoring



Dental Care

Teeth Brushing

Service fee: a la carte and as add on service $5.00

Toothbrushes and Paste available for sale.
Toothbrushes price: $0.99.
Free with full service. No charge for toothpast for service.



Ear Care

  • Plucking
  • Cleaning
  • Trimming
  • Colloidal silver treatments for problem ears

Service fee: a la carte $5.00



Deshedding Treatments (Dogs and Cats)

provided by the furminatortwo_smaller!

Are you sick of all that hair flying around your house? How about when you show up at that important meeting with your pet riding piggy back all over your pants and jacket. Call us for your deshed treatment and maintenance package.

Includes: extreme deshedding brushout with special tools that stripout the hair that is trying to blow itself out and the ones that are next in line.

This treatment is done before an intense bathing system in applied. The Furminator shampoo is specially designed to assist in the intense deshed process.

Once the shampoo is applied the coat is then raked until the hair that needs to come out does.

This is a tedious process and can be dangerous should a cat or dog be hyper sensitive to pulling and brushing.

Your pet is then rinsed well, bathed again in the cleansing and rehydrating system, then followed up with the conditioning and moisture process.

Towel dried, force dryed with special dryers to remove excess dead loose hair, old skin, and an opportunity to inspect the skin for lesion, tumors, fleas, ticks, ringworm, tapeworms, etc.

Your pet is then brushout under a lower aired dryer to remove the tangles. After this process pets can be tired or somewhat stressed.

Not a regular day for them. We then allow them to rest and regain any level of comfort they need to be confident for their process which can be enjoyable for both groomer and pet.

We will give you a friendly quote. Most times this service starts at $15.00 and can go up to $30.00, as an add on package. The groomer spends an additional 45 minutes to an hour deshedding with special tools designed by Furminator. Sometimes, it is like getting another dog off of your dog.

Price varies with Breed Size and amount of hair.

Our philosophy

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. That’s why your pet deserves to sparkle, with A Touch of Class.

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